SF Boys

portfolio :: sf boys (series 1 of 5) SF Boys is a series about men of different ages taken in San Francisco. There is also a book.


portfolio :: pointing (series 2 of 5)

Looking Up

portfolio :: looking up (series 3 of 5)


portfolio :: beards (series 4 of 5) Beards is the first series made into a book. Others will become books at some point as well.

Crossed Legs

portfolio :: crossed legs (series 5 of 5)

Sitting People

other projects :: sitting people (series 1 of 10) Sitting People together with Backs are series from mid-1980s. Check out what it started from at my other site with old images LOMOportfolio.com.

Two Bags Ladies

other projects :: two (and more) bags ladies (series 2 of 10) Two (and more) Bags Ladies series depict women in San Francisco carrying more than one bag – something absolutely impossible to see in ...


other projects :: couples (series 3 of 10)


other projects :: leaning (series 4 of 10) Series with people Leaning on walls, lamp posts and what not.

In Motion

other projects :: in motion (series 5 of 10) In Motion series are images of moving objects taken in low light conditions with slow shutter speed. Lens was following the main subject and all the ...


other projects :: backs (series 6 of 10) Backs is my oldest series started in mid-1980s. You could see the old images from this series at my other site LOMOportfolio.com.


other projects :: sunflare (series 7 of 10) Long time ago images with bright spots of Sun reflections inside the lens would have been among those I’d discard. Now when I have enough to make ...


other projects :: umbrellas (series 8 of 10) Umbrellas series is a celebration of diversity for me. Back in my childhood in the former Soviet Union most of umbrellas I saw were back with just ...


other projects :: glances (series 9 of 10) In most of my images people are unaware they’ve been photographed. Those rare ones when they look into the camera makes this series I called Glances.


other projects :: reading (series 10 of 10)